Our Service

Water Softener Salts is a family run business specialising in delivering water softener salt directly to your door. We operate from within Ireland are proud to offer daily deliveries throughout, Ireland, please see our delivery area. Our helpful drivers will contact you the day before delivery to let you know we are coming. We are committed to delivering the best quality salt with the highest level of service at fair prices. Water Softener Salts prides itself on delivering excellence with every order placed. Our customers know that our service is the best in the business.

Our commitment to you
Water Softener Salts are committed to delivering your salt within 7 working days when orders are placed before 16:00pm Monday - Friday. Our office will make contact with you the day before your delivery date so you know we are coming. We know how important your time is and will always try to keep to our committed times and cause as little disruption to your day as possible. 
Hard Water Solutions

Whether you live in a hard or medium water area, you'll soon know the benefits of soft water. Reduced scale on glass and reflective surfaces, scientific links between Eczema and hard water and less cleaning products required. Water Softener Salts will make ordering and taking delivery of your salt as simple and convenient as possible. Try our service today as see the results for yourself. Buy now.